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Sunny Enigmas: Unraveling Through Rock Pop's Whispers of Wonder Via Trash Pals' 'Sonya'

Trash Pals return with a calming breeze of their brand new vacation saga, 'Sonya' and here's what you shouldn't miss! A rejuvenating bliss full of summery elements, this is a happy-go-lucky symphony that one can never get bored of! Formed with the collaboration of geniuses like Conor Rayne and Gabriel Schnider, Trash Pals derive their artistic influence from a little bit of everything, like Wilco, The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Ray Charles, Karen Dalton, Nina Simone, Alma Mahler, Nirvana, Apex Twin to name a few, they have shined bright as individual artists before, as Gabe has played at jazz, bluegrass and folk festivals all around the world and Conor has graced stage with Chance the Rapper, Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus, although the duo is yet to enlighten the masses with their combined talent. With endless calming energy, let's witness the magical aura of Trash Pals! 

Trash Pals
Trash Pals

Carefully crafted with deeply pacifying ounces of mystery and suspicion, this feels like eyeing the storm of uncertainty, the calm before the chaos that puts one at ease before destroying them.

A capsule of unlimited mysteries and supposed 'faded melodies', this unravels a series of unambiguously framed questions. Talking about a woman who spent a hefty amount of money on her concert ticket only to find herself sleeping throughout the event. This is deeply intertwined with the warmth of love and nurturing that makes us associate objects and music with people and instances. Do we also go through a vivid moment of uncertainty where there is nothing but pure illusions and thoughts like why did she fall asleep? Was her mother only singing at the concert? Why did she attend the concert in the first place? it is a never-ending mystery unless one gives it a shot.

Test this beautifully twisted melody down below -

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