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Sultry Delicacies: Unlocking a Musical Haven through Shemona's 'I Drink Underwater'


Unlock musical utopia with Shemona's latest release 'I Drink Underwater'! Second musical child of Samantha Goldman, who is a profound artist, composer, vocalist, songwriter and especially a worshipper of analogue synthesis, hailing from the lands of NYC. As an artist who's always walked on the grounds of fluidity, their style has significantly evolved from art pop to alternative electronic, they still delight their listeners through common grounds of poetry, sound art and performance. Here to take the world by storm, unleash magic by eloping in the auroras of Shemona!

Painting one of the most abstractly glorious narratives through the alts of music, this isn't a track but a neverending dream in which one can wander forever.

Shemona sets us free with the release of her latest single,' I Drink Underwater'! A sombre sonic vision comes to life, it speaks volumes about the filling of the quiet voids of miscommunication and feels as if a visionary's thoughts have been painted in multiple shades of hue. It is breathtakingly divine, pacifying and surreal, and is also a track that would make one experience the fluidity of frames of time, as slowly as possible. As dreamy as it could ever possibly get for listeners, this is a distilled evasion of reality and its forms and is indeed a track that tucks the listeners goodbye into its sultry endless possibilities.

Test this pacifying melody down below -


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