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Stoop yet again stands out of the ordinary with a new album, Cratehead

Hailing from the landscapes of Minnesota in the Midwest, Stoop has polished his skills as a beatmaker for over a decade; now resulting in original beats that carry undercurrents of the golden and modern age legends like The Alchemist, DJ Premier, and J Dilla. Stoop hails art of over the artist, remaining in the backdrop letting his music speak for itself. In his dedication to the classics and commitment to his art, Stoop delves into the world of vinyl records, culminating sonic elements from a multitude of genres. Stoop’s unshakable work ethic is characterized by humility and an openness to collaborate with his contemporary artists.

Cratehead gives you a break from reality with his head bopping album full of vibes- "Cratehead".

Stoop’s debut album “Cratehead” is an enthralling assemblage of nine tracks that artfully amalgamate a line-up of samples from soul, folk, ambient, harp, Eastern, and 1960s pop genres. Each track in the album is a beautifully curated piece of art encapsulating diverse samples from Stoop’s signature beats. The album is fresh and dynamic pushes out of the box of traditional hip-hop yet reflects Stoop’s deep devotion to hip-hop music, a marriage between experimentation and authenticity at its best. The album is a pleasing musical ambience to sit in solitude with. “The Origin” and “Cherry Blossom” are highlights of the album that exude a harmonious arrangement of serene musical waves that you can clasp to.

This is an album that celebrates the genre while also pushing against conventionalism. It is a major breakthrough for the artist’s innovative craftsmanship and a true testament to his ability to smoothly intertwine different musical genres while maintaining his authenticity. The album feels like a fresh gush of wind energizing the listener and captivating their sensibility from beginning to the end. Stoop’s beats in this album will stir creativity as well. You won’t find a dull moment throughout the album. It is an artist’s gift to his audience.

Test the melody down here-

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