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Spiralling Madness in Under the Skin By Signal Static

Signal Static
Signal Static

Curiosity peaks through the lyrics of the song 'Under The Skin' By Signal Static pierce into the soul music lovers! Vancouver Island's alternative punk-rock band Signal Static promotes LGBTQ stories in this latest single released on May 13th. The band, consisting of Ryan Stringer, Gino Klein, Randy Camponi, and Alex Beaudoin, explores the meaning of being a good human.

Signal Static's songs blend personal reflection and social analysis, navigating the modern world's complexities and highlighting honesty, openness, and humanity amidst uncertainties.

The band explores human nature and goodness, drawing from artists like Chevelle, Tool, and Muse. Their unique sound fuses hard rock, punk, alternative, metal, grunge, and electronic music. "Under the Skin" honours the band's transgender and non-binary friends, who tirelessly strive for progress and self-acceptance in a challenging world. The song celebrates stories that, while not our own, deserve to be told. The lore of this song goes beyond the barricades of perceived understanding of equality, freedom and greatness. As the name suggests, the aim is to showcase one true entity, that is layered far below what is visible to the world, which is nothing else but one's soul. The song, is its true essence, utters the word 'Power'!

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