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Soulbound Journey: Rock's Musical Map To Navigating Adult Affection with Munk Duane's 'We've Talked About This Before'

Dive into the retro summer breezes of Munk Duane's latest pacifying release,' We've Talked About This Before'! Currently based in Boston, Munk is a film composer and recording artist whose career has skyrocketed ever since the release of his three singles in 2023. His 'Myth' also garnered a lot of critical acclaim and is also eligible for the Recording Academy Grammy as the best pop solo artist. With three singles also being featured in the movie, 'Getback', Munk is rightfully getting the spotlight that he deserves. Let's give it a cheer for Munk Duane's 'We've Talked About This Before'!

Munk Duane
Munk Duane

A beautiful mixture of funk, jazz, piano and acoustic guitar, this soul rock reverie is a soothing note to adulthood, amplifying our rooted flaws and stunt growth is the most vivacious manner possible.

'We've Talked About This Before', is a destressing soul rock tune that unravels the hardships people face as they grow up, and how crucial it is to maintain patience as the road higher up only gets broader and tougher. This also creates a lasting impression on the listeners as it highlights the omnipresent barriers that cloud our vision as we grow into a mature landscape, with its poignant lyrics. Also pumped with electric guitar, this feels like a dream come true.

Test this soulful melody down below -

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