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Songs of a Timeless River: Witness Folk Rock's Golden Sunsets with Shane Larmand's 'National Ramble'

Shane Larmand returns to the masses with the exceptionally groovy folk-rock synths of his brand new tune compilation 'National Ramble' and this one is a hit! Drawing inspiration from legends like Neil Young, Bob Marley, Lumineers, and many more, the creative singer-songwriter has collaborated with the sound engineer Jeff Weeks who provided the album with drums, percussion samples, and almost every instrument known, guitars, harmonica, bass, metallophone, and many more were handles by Shane. As someone who's played multiple gigs and garnered massive critical accolades all across Western Canada, he initially blew up on his Facebook and ever since then he's only grown forward. Let's witness the divine symphonies of Shane Larmand!

Shane Larmand
Shane Larmand

Capturing all the shades and tides in the realms of acoustic rock, 'National Ramble' is a raw and exclusive threshold of life lessons and emotions.

We start this funky journey with the tales of the glory of 'Wave to Glide'. It is a track about romanticizing the rivers, ocean waves, and desert roads and how they are still wrapped in the clock of time for the artist. Every little thing he could associate to at point, feels like a wave to glide through. 'Tennessee Cross' is yet another marvel that is soft, tender, and almost serene. This single is almost liberating, making one resonate with the ambiguity of their homeland.

The next track, 'National Ramble' feels like an insurgence of a movement, as it is very creative, fresh, and authentic. Bathed in the pacifying notions of Country, this title track is a raw expression of a quest that is full of inspiration and tales about living for a cause. 'Prairie Sky' starts with a similar energy but with a spark of romance. Romanticizing her enchanting beauty, the artist takes a moment to admire her with beautiful metaphors that will leave you spellbound.

A sense of carefreeness and celebration is seen in the upcoming tracks, 'White Horses in the Woods' and 'Road of Pain'. Although their original meanings run deep, their external melodic sphere is very goofy, and coy and something people from all age groups can vibe to.

Returning to the nostalgic remembrance of his beloved, in 'Sweet Sadness' Shane is seen obsessing over her beauty to the point where he sees her in his dreams. Indicating how even her sadness is a beauty to be adored, and is something even she isn't aware of. 'Harvest Moon' is yet another smooth-sail, that seems like a perfect track to listen to in a campfire. This would calm your soul down, with its divine cello synths and harmonies that make you vivaciously capture the current moment.

Last but not least, 'Diamonds and Dust' is a track about meeting your other half and finally uniting with the one you love. This is a tale about all the supposed maybes, implying that there's no point in worrying about tomorrow and being fully content and present in the current moment, taking it one day at a time. 'Star Hawk' is an unexpected escape with its goofy beats and narratives. There couldn't have been a better end to this album than this track, as it makes you realize how your time away in the musical oasis of this tune compilation is over now.

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