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Silken Sway: Jazz's Dreamlike Drifts with Peter Daniel's 'Miles Around'

Step into the mysterious jazz crescendo with Seattle-based saxophonist Peter Daniel's 'Miles Around' and this one is for the keeps! Released under the renowned name of Music Factory Records, this is the second single under the legend Peter's upcoming project 'Quartets, which is an exciting extravaganza full of fine funk/jazz musicians hailing from Seattle. Featuring Marina Alberto on the Fender Rhodes. Marina Christopher on the upright bass, and Heather Thomas on drums, his music is truly a delight to the ears. Let's dive into the delicate affairs of his brand-new sound! 

Peter Daniel
Peter Daniel

A fun-loving jazz damnation that is full of retro themes, this feels like an experience of luxury, full of cinematic and secretive moods that would throw you into a mood of celebration.

'Miles Around' is a freshly wrapped exquisite jazz quartet that seems to unravel a vivid treasure of stories and perception. An ostinato bassline-driven venture that is crafted with precision, combining flavors of spice, analogue and thrill, this is a sumptuous auditory fiesta. Painting a luxurious landscape in front of one's eyes. this could also envisioned as the intro theme for an iconic MC entering onto the stage. It's mastered with impeccable chemistry and unique saxophone drifts, evoking the masses into a timeless classical film scene. Overall, I think this jazz piece right here is legendary and everyone should listen to it.

Test this delightful melody down below -

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