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Shy Blossom's 'All I Wanted': Untapped Rage & A Tender Love-struck Paradise

Diving into the sombre epiphanies of Shy Blossom's 'All I Wanted'! A gem unleashed into the musical realm by the ever-rising Indian Musical Company, Shy Blossom is an alt/pop star who is a musical identity of the multi-talented Adriana McDonald. Almost on the brink of rise, her musical influences hail from ever-iconic legends like Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Aurora, Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, PJ Harvey, Blondie and Billie Marten to name a few. Almost sulking into the narratives of her track, her silky-angelic vocals mixed with a hint of haunting undertones are indeed a match made in heaven! Unleash the aromatic charismas of the talented 'Shy Blossom'!

Shy Blossom
Shy Blossom

Submerging deep into the notions of seperation and detachment, this feels like soft cry of redemption, inheriting hints of nostalgia and a one-sided love.

'All I Wanted' thematically is a moment of exploration of a long-lost love, and of a blind act of submission that people are ready to make without even thinking twice when in love. With its intricate layers of paranoia, coming from a love-struck mind that still envisions a ray of hope of togetherness with outright committedness.'I don't care if you ruin my life', as though concluding to the longevity without prioritising one's own sentiments for the sake of the other person. A few minutes into the track one can already feel bombarded with destruction, complimentingly portrayed by those hard-rock thuds of electric guitar in the song. The track itself skins to the shades of a soft version of rock, as previously felt in the music of icons like Paramore. This track feels like a memoir of a spectacular track from their artistry,' All I Wanted ', and feels like an ode to an undying love.

Test this majestic rock delicacy down below -

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