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Shattered Serenade: Soft Rock's Compassionate Confrontation with The Project's 'Hope'

The project, a brainchild of Cali-rock scene's own James Davis, is back into the music scene with yet another soft rock marvel, 'Hope'! Written by James Davis and Dennis Hill, this is a heartfelt compilation that almost feels like a dream. LA-based supergroup The Project is emerging as a genre-defying concept in the realms of hard rock and pop rock. Launching their brand new album 'Best Days', let's witness the magic of The Project's sound!

The Project
The Project

A track that channels nostalgia in the most mystical manner possible, this almost makes one feel the numbness of love and yearning out loud.

Releasing as their fifth work of art, 'Hope' is a track that channels the right amount of soft rock grooves, this seems to be a track set in a retro setting and makes one imagine themselves becoming whimsical in bright daylight. A yearning that has almost outgrown itself, this feels like a ballad of lost love, where the artist is questioning what he could've possibly done to make her stay. This captures the immense dogma, rage, melancholy and misery that a heartbroken fellow might feel, a feeling all of us can truly relate to. With poignant lyricism, hard-hitting drums and rustic yet addictive lead guitar synths, this is a must-listen!

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