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Rhyme Realities: Unmasking Life's Layers with Proklaim's 'Scars'

Proklaim returns with the rejuvenating notions of yet another heartfelt release, 'Scars'! Driving the industry nuts with his experimentally creative sound, Proklaim feels like an alternative reality of rap that the world hasn't seen before. From venturing into Afro-pop-driven sound to delivering melancholic masterpieces out to the masses, his sound finds its roots in legends like Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Jay Z and many more. Something utterly magical about him is that he maintains a level of transparency with his listeners, carving numbers that bridge the gap between a man and his conscience. Let's give it up once again for Proklaim!  


'Scars' deeply touches a plethora of issues the society goes through, all with the brand new beatscapes, unleashing a vividly ecstatic side of Proklaim to the masses.

We begin the astounding notions of this song with pacifying notions of reverbed and reassuring lyrics that say,' It's a secret space with me.' Then we skydive into the bittersweet realities of the world with the lyrics that talk about worldly shackles of materialism like money, lust, and taxes over the excessive passion that drives crimes and all the things that in a way consume you and take life and soul out of you. Asking for a sense of clarity, he also questions if this price-driven era is fruitful for us or not. This in-depth talks about the dogma and blurred vision that humans go through, some things that we all succumb to but are afraid to talk about.

Test this reflective melody down below -

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