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Retro Revelry of Wasson!?'s 'Shoulder to Shoulder': Indie Rock's Sonic Scrapbook

Amplify your summer hues with Wasson!?'s new indie-rock release, 'Shoulder to Shoulder'! A 5-member collaborative hailing from Bude, Cornwall, Wasson!? is an initiative that puts together Ryan Leverton honing the vocals, Ben Clarke on the guitar, Ben Edwards accessing the drums, Brook Osborne on the bass and Ogor Forsinetti on the keyboard in the most majestic manner possible. Formed out of pure bliss and fun, the band aims to spread the message of YOLO out loud to the masses, thereby fueling the natural zest to live life.

Cover Art of Wasson!?'s 'Shoulder to Shoulder"
Cover Art of Wasson!?'s 'Shoulder to Shoulder"

A gateway to a brand new album, this energizing single captures life as a one-time journey, where you'll never witness the same sights again. Punk rock at its vinyl stage, is a sheer work of art.

A beautiful amalgamation of two opposite ends - love and loss, 'Shoulder to Shoulder' is way too iconic for a debut release! The track is essentially a dedication to the brotherly love that one shares with someone, and feels like a fresh breeze of a newborn rage cultivating from one's nostalgic experiences, thereby lamenting to re-experience those good memories. It is a track that'll make you re-think the trajectory of humanity and hope it is ever-evolving, but leads to losses that are hard to recover.

Test this powerhouse of a melody down below -

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