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Resurfacing Radiance: Class Vee's 'Weirdos' Breathes Life into Sound

Class Vee
Class Vee

Breathing fresh life into the iconic 80s synth sound, Class Vee re-emerges onto the music landscape with her electrifying new single, 'Weirdos.' As a self-reliant American artist fusing diverse music genres, she forges her own sonic identity. Class Vee initially displayed her vocal prowess as the lead singer and writer for Tampa-based Soltrio (2019-2021), contributing to their 2021 EP 'The Reality Is.' Despite the band's breakup, Vee continued to chase her dreams solo, mastering an array of styles such as pop, R&B, funk, soul, disco, and Latin. With two remarkable singles under her belt in 2021 and a successful start to 2022, she's clocked over 30k global streams and intriguing collaborations. Gaining respect for the local scene and features on multiple websites, Class Vee stays committed to evolving her artistry while letting her music speak for itself: "I am not the greatest, but I am the greatest that I have ever been."

With a retrofuturistic blend of synth-pop and a tantalizingly sweet and soulful voice, this track is a deliciously surprising remedy for broken hearts.

In a breathtaking tempest of auditory ecstasy, the virtuoso of melodic ingenuity, Class Vee, has unveiled her most recent opus, "Wierdos." This radiant concoction amalgamates her signature Pop/RnB heart with the irresistible allure of Hip-hop/Trap rhythms, orchestrating an enchanting convergence of musical realms that pirouette in harmony, ensnaring listeners in a carefree concerto. Each pulse of rhythm unveils a bewitching stratum of enchantment, fabricating an orchestral spectacle that defies borders and bewitches the soul. The experience is both lighthearted and profound; emotions are intricately entwined within the melody, leaving listeners spellbound and yearning for more. "Weirdos" transcends being merely a song; it's an audacious intermingling of genres, daring to challenge the status quo and encouraging us to revel in our distinctiveness and honour the delightfully peculiar. Cast off your preconceptions and plunge into this enthralling tapestry of tunes where your imagination frolics unfettered, and musical demarcations dissolve into nothingness.

Test this exuberating tone down below -



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