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Pulse of Passion :Hip-Hop's Ode to Enduring Love's Universal Language with Proklaim's 'For You'

Proklaim returns yet again to the music scene with a lovestruck wave of his brand new release,' For You'! The maestro hip-hop artist who's always evolving his ways with utmost creativity, Proklaim is truly a newly emerging rap force that's going to change the face of this industry completely. Hailing from the vibrant grounds of Namibia Windhoek, his rap tunes comprise a blissful essence of afrobeat, thereby spanning across a plethora of emotional and life themes with grace. Drawing inspiration from the golden names in the industry like 2pac, Biggie, Jay Z and many more, he's here to craft ambient rap as a niche on its own!


Following romantic narratives, Proklaim's conclusion of the song with poignant lyrics like, "In life, they're not mad at you, they're mad it's you", Proklaim's genius devours every second of this song, and we're here for it!

A divine tropic potion of endless yearning, Proklaim shifts gears from his ordinary motivational themes and takes out a moment to appreciate the love of his life with 'For You'. As enticing as it might sound, this is a word of mouth from how the love in legend's life impacted all the areas of his life, and how no matter how good it initially might feel, excessiveness of the same might consume your identity too. Love is healthy if both parties involved grow alongside each other, otherwise, it's only intoxicating. With the fast-paced raping patterns, this is graceful and calming through and through.

Test this dynamic melody down below -

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