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Proklaim: Unveiling Life's Raw Truths Through Rap


Emerging from the depths of Windhoek, Namibia, Proklaim stands as an independent voice, blessing the world with his music since 2011. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Nas, Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Drake, Proklaim is carving a unique path in the rap industry. His talent has landed him on renowned platforms like MTV Bass on Kingz Video and now, with his latest single masterfully mixed by Lu Diaz in Florida, he's ready to take the world by storm!

This profound track delves into the raw truths of life, painting vivid images of its struggles and complexities.

Drenched in saturated emotions and soulful tones, Proklaim hones the art of rap to reveal the vulnerable corners of one's psyche in 'REASONS 2 BELIEVE'. With striking lyrics like "We beat life till it's not fair," he exposes the dark side of existence while reminding us that life isn't solely about material wealth. Hidden beneath surface-level happiness lies a deep yearning for something more—something truly fulfilling. Digging deep beneath superficial happiness, he uncovers an inherent longing for true contentment that remains elusive to many.

Test this heart-throbbing melody down below -



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