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Passion's Playground: Exploring R&B Smoldering Sagas with Benjamin Curtis's 'What A View'!

Benjamin Curtis returns to the masses with levitating beatdrops of his latest release, 'What A View'! A creative born out of his basement, Benjamin Curtis is a multi-talented maestro who not only makes music but produces beats and writes lyrics to his tracks as well. Drawing inferences from the legendary Eminem, Tupac and Russ, the brand has garnered attention through TikTok promotions and is slowly gaining the attention of the masses. Let's decode what is there to expect from this release in particular.

Benjamin Curtis
Benjamin Curtis

What sounds like a party jam, is bound to liberate the listeners into the hip-hop beatscapes of nostalgia.

'What A View' is a one-hit wonder that revolves around a catchy retro sample. Talking about the erotic notions of love and peak sensuality, this single channels an extreme sensual high yet also carries an element of bop to crusade the dancefloor. Perfect for any nightclub or disco, this sounds heavily influenced by the early 2000s legends like Tupac, 50 Cent, Biggie and many more. A light-hearted beat that is almost too smooth to not get hooked up to, this is reminiscent of romance, erotica and channelling inner confidence, and would be an absolute mood-lifter regardless of the surroundings it's played in.

Test this dope melody down below -

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