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Paper Hearts and Concrete Dreams: Witness Dax's 'A Real Man' shatter Mosaic of Misconceptions

Step into the reflective notions of Dax's brand new symphony ' A Real Man'! A 29-year-old creative who is breaking the boundaries of the ordinary in the realms of rap, Dax is a modern-day marvel who's constantly carving a niche for himself in the hearts of his listeners. His melodies are a beautiful mix of pop and hip-hop and seem to captivate the masses in a way never done before. As someone who's come a long way ever since his debut '2pac Reincarnation: As told by Dax" blowing up on Soundcloud, let's witness the magic of his sound through this brand new release!


Serving as a mirror to the daunting realities of love, this is full of realistic blues that will touch your soul.

One of his favorites from his artistry, Dax's 'A Real Man' is about the heartless and selfish nature of Dax's beloved, when all she's doing is living in a delusion. The ounces of unrealistic expectations are making him let his guard down, to an extent where he's keeping his dreams to the side and doing everything in his power to help fulfill hers. This is almost heart-wrecking to witness as it rolls down to this debacle to emotional instability, where that real man is seen relying on alcohol, hanging by a thread. This feels like a moment of thought and a wake-up call to understand how a true relationship means growth. Overall, I feel that this number is very honest, unhinged and vocal about romantic struggles and is a must-listen!

Test this unhinged melody down below -

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