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Palpitating Heartstrings of Yesteryears with Gary Dranow's 'Destiny Road (Remix)'!

Revamping his previous strokes in stride, the rock legend Gary Dranow returns to the music scene with the remix of his iconic release, 'Destiny Road'! The dynamic collective Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions is a result of the unanimity of diverse ideas of maestros like Utah-based Gary himself who is the band leader, the legend behind the mixing of drums, Melboure-based Jason Jones, and Chris Zoupa on the guitar, arrangements and bass who actually hails from Ukraine. With their sole sound being a result of influences like Pearl Jams, Chris Cornell and Jimi Hendrix, the band has built a profound name in the genres of Blues Rock, Alternative Rock and Hard Rock. One for the release of the Destiny Road Album, this track is definitely the best foot-forward attempt of the band that is bound to leave you flabbergasted!

Gary Dranow & The Manic Emotions
Gary Dranow & The Manic Emotions

Curing the fire of your soul, the grace and appalling energy of the track is a fierce musical vision come to life!

With a gregarious fire to set your soul free, the track 'Destiny Road' is as mighty as ever! Gary, in the track provides us with excellent imagery to elope in, a melodic escape with all the highs and lows of an electric guitar, almost like ice and fire on the skin. Detailed scenes from his surreal nostalgic experiences, this is written recalling his first love, Janine and has a levitating amp to it like no other. Having the adorably soothing track 'Shimmering' before us, this feels like a vibrant icing on the cake that is bound to fill the listeners with profound joy and energy.

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