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Opulence and Grandeur in John Leslie's 'The History of Sugar'

Cover Art of John Leslie's 'History of Sugar'
Cover Art of John Leslie's 'History of Sugar'

Hailing from Australia, John Leslie shines as a true musical treasure. His transcendent tunes encompass dream pop, pop-rock, and gospel elements, creating a signature sound that's instantly captivating. Leslie's fervent vocals convey exquisite love, loss, forgiveness, and resilience-themed lyrics. Joining forces with Peter Koppes of The Church lends elegance to his ever-evolving music. With expansive radio coverage and over 300,000 Spotify plays, Leslie's inspiring and relatable words strike a chord with listeners of all ages. Brace yourself for his upcoming single in August 2023!

A narrative of bygone subtleties weaving rhythm and romance together, the History of Sugar is akin to an impassioned country ballad hidden in plain sight.

Embodying opulence and grandeur, 'The History of Sugar' masterfully fuses jazz and Latin vibes with rich harmonies. This retro-tinged track narrates John's one-of-a-kind interaction with its muse and how their connection endures despite time and circumstances. Effortlessly, mellow saxophone notes dance with delicate guitar chords, creating an ethereal halo – a true blessing in disguise.

Test this soothing melody down below -


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