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Onism E's 'I'm Sorry': The Amped Up Lullabys of A Classic- Rock Liberation

The award-winning musical maestros of Onism E return to the musical arena via the release of their latest classic rock reverie,' I'm Sorry'. Hailing from San Antonio, United States, this track Onism E marks the release of his release since last year's exceptional hit album,' It's Not Over'. The band is a beautiful commemorative, with frontwoman Eline Chavez channelling the savages of icons like Patti Smith and Janis Joplin. Onism E is as refreshing as ever in this newly released sonic tale and proves yet again to the audience that they're the aces of music by effortlessly intertwining old and the rusty with a new school flair. A single that is a result of meticulous efforts,' I'm Sorry' is sure to gain attention from the masses!

Onism E
Onism E

Breathing into the rejuvenating affairs of rock, a calming ar node of self-reflection, this track feels like a comfort pillow.

Let's dive into the illicit alts of rock via Onism E's latest release 'I'm sorry.' A track solely about breaking free from the societal barricades and liberating yourself to try and experience the extraordinary, this feels like a helping hand and a soothing breeze of classic retro rock. Capturing the heartfelt nostalgia, this serves as a reminder of the infamous saying,' You're on your own'. A track that would make you remind that no matter how lonely people might eventually end up feeling, there's always someone for someone, and that all one has to do is stretch out a hand to those around them. This attack also serves as a potential bridge filling the gaps of insufferability that one might feel from being alone with the essence of living free and by your own will, and falling in love with the uncertainity of the stages of life. Although set in retrogrades of rock, this feels like a refreshing breath of air that takes away all of our worldly and irrational fears whilst also sounding like a cold breeze of wind.

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