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Nostalgic Labrynths of Life & Love: Temporal Tapestries of Bones in Butter's 'Songs for A Sane Society'

Bones In Butter is back on the grind with his second musical compilation,' Songs For A Sane Society'. Established in Belgrade, Serbia in 2020, this album was processed by the group has Milutin Krasevic and Luna Skopeljia on the lyrics, samples, vocals and synths, Todor Zivkovic on the guitar and synths, Dejan Skopeljia on the bass and Tom Fedja Franklin, who currently looks after the drums, replacing Marcelo Effori. Deriving inferences from bands and artists of the 80s and 70s, namely Lou Read, The Stranglers and Wall of Voodoo, the collective aims to create a unique contemporary experience for its listeners.

Bones in Butter
Bones in Butter

An ecstatic canvas of life that goes above and beyond with its narratives, 'Songs For A Sane Society' is a mature work of art that seems to draw you closer and further away from reality simultaneously.

The breakthrough into this rock delicacy happens through 'So Alone'. A track that feels like a needle in the heart, this is a much-needed alarm into the reality that we live in, trying to bring us into the disparities of reality that exist in front of us, in this digital age, telling us how humanity was never this connected, yet never this alone. 'Littlewing', feels like a calming breeze of air. If you're a fan of Radiohead's 'Creep', you're going to fall in love with this track, as it sonic embers strike a similar chord in the listener's mind. On the contrary, this is a simple track about living and enjoying the moment in front of us.

Then we arrive at the electrifying thunders of 'They Live!', a track that seems to create an alarming urgency, similar to the infamous quote, 'Do or Die', reminding us that the time is now, and we have one life to live, so we have to give our all to it, as it's now or never. Then we aurora completely transform with 'A Dystopian Love Song', again a dark romantic symphony that seems to ring the bells of the inevitable truths of our lives, death, thus passing the message to rejoice the current moment to its fullest.

Questioning along the barricades of faith, we arrive at the musical dogma of 'This is Not What You Promised Us'. Trying to look through the ground reality of things, this feels like an anecdote on humanity that strives to be so full of life, yet gloomy, unfaithful and purposeless. 'Never Without You', on the contrary, is a pacifying melody that is incapacitated with the highs and lows of everlasting love, trying to express gratefulness for the support.

'Sad Girl', yet again is a beautiful remark on the current reality of this society, where mankind always feels unsatisfied with what they're provided with. This in particular is a narrative about girls who possess a desire to be beautiful than they already are. Then we arrive at the haunting roars of 'Stop Dancing Now!', a psychedelic tune that is an exhilarating mix of heavy metal, punk and hard rock, this is a track that almost feels like the backdrop of a war scene, leaving you with potential thrill and devastation as it should.

A complete change of moods happens at 'Another Cloud', which feels like a cloudy moment of self-realisation, drawing you in for a deep moment of thinking. 'Her Cave', feels like a relishing moment of erotica, intimacy, extreme closure and self-actualisation. 'Down But Not Out', feels like yet another gradient that includes a high-tempo of the tracks we previously listened to, with its moments of light yet deeply profound lyricism.

Then, the next track,' Scenes From The Metro', takes us through a dystopian indie noir that is encapsulated with nostalgia and ethereal hues. Alas, the upcoming two releases will feel like a surprise to the ears of listeners, with the fuhri mix of the 'Dystopian Love Song' and a surprise track called 'Beyond The Sea'. Talking about the last bit of this album, we arrive at the tropical funks of 'Beyond the Sea', it feels like a much-needed moment of escape from reality, and from the general themes of this track.

In conclusion, we think the album is a refreshing touch to the reality we live in and can be relished by every generation.

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