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Musical Reflections and Interconnected Emotions: Jonah Leatherman's Sound Palette

Jonah Leatherman
Jonah Leatherman

Jonah Leatherman, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a musician who draws inspiration from indie rock and early country music. But his artistry goes beyond music; he values craftsmanship in all its forms. From antique furniture building to dugout canoe carving, he appreciates the attention to detail and effort required to create something special. Jonah's love for craft extends to literature, with authors like Vonnegut, Woolf, and Saunders influencing his music. He tells stories of interconnectedness and evokes powerful emotions through introspective lyrics and captivating melodies. In a world of fleeting trends, Jonah embodies true craftsmanship, celebrating the beauty of music, craftsmanship, and the written word.

A subliminal journey that flows into pacifying episodes of vivid emotions, this is a pure work of folk-rock.

Jonah's second album, "Ensuring My Uncertainty," explores the complexities of existence and celebrates the diverse threads of human existence. It invites reflection and embraces uncertainty as a catalyst for self-discovery. We begin this sonic journey with an ethereal overlap of rock and folk in 'Overlap'. A track about the intertwining thoughts and the moment of dissonance one appearance. 'Whatever Happened' feels like an uplifting of notions of regret, gratitude, self-realization and reflection of the deepest parts of Jonah’s psyche that collectively conclude his social aura right now. In this drawn-out string of abstracts, the past and present are commemorated beautifully.

Then we proceed to ‘Clairvoyance,’ a legitimate fresh track that has an impact to heal thy souls and uplift them. This is a pacifying rock reverie that would leave you feeling at ease and curious. Following this, we move on to a legitimate fresh track called 'Clairvoyance,' which is a pacifying rock reverie that will leave you feeling at ease and curious. Then we proceed to the vivid arrays of Jonah’s conflicting visions through ‘Panoply,’ a deep folk connoisseur that sends vibrant palpitations down the spine of listeners.

A deeply rooted auroral vision unleashes itself through the next stop of a track, ‘My Punishment.’ The melancholy that occupies Jonah’s mind voices itself here, as he feels the urge to undo the sins of the past time. A rushing of emotions in 'It's Only Me & You’ insinuates positive vibrations, where he rolls out his heart-eyed sunglasses and spots a romantic array out of the scenario.

‘Anything About It,’ the next track surges a broken bond from the shackles of materialism, where Jonah expresses how he could rather dissipate as a soul and live a rather peaceful life. A track like 'Emergence(y)' might resemble basic rock dissonance, but it has a much deeper meaning underlying it. In a moment of self-actualization that emerges on the surface, Jonah appeals to his bygone by letting her know that he’s in undying ardent need of her.

Glancing even deeper into the skin of his wisdom, ‘Beyond the Lines’ is an outright change of perspective, offering Jonah hindsight to pave his way through into the light. Last but not least, we arrive at the ultimate right end to this marvellous saga in ‘Victory Lap.’ A moment of admitting his loss but her gain, he assures her that having her around is the biggest win for him.

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