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Musical Mastery Unleashed: Shane Rennison's 'Live at the Outlier Inn' EP

Shane Rennison, the American singer-songwriter, made a notable entrance into my musical radar earlier this year with his EP, "Nice To Meet You." As the year draws to a close, it's fitting that he takes the spotlight again with his latest release, "Live at the Outlier Inn," a collection of three live tracks. Recorded at the Outlier Inn, a music studio in Mountaindale, New York, Shane and his band showcase a different dimension of his sound, temporarily setting aside his solo project to explore pop-rock influences. This captivating live EP, captured with his band in May 2023, not only captures the genuine and soulful essence of Rennison's musical expression but also marks a significant evolution in his artistic journey, shifting from a solo performer to a dynamic force in the realms of indie pop and pop-rock.

With a repertoire that spans diverse covers and emotive original compositions, Rennison curates a musical experience that resonates with profound heart and soul.

His live shows serve as a pure testament to his versatility and the authentic bond he shares with his audience.

Shane Rennison
Shane Rennison's 'Live at the Outlier Inn' EP is A Symphony of Sound. It reveals a new dimension to soulful music with detailed instrumentals and heart-felt lyricism.

The latest release of Shane is an EP titled as “Live at the Outlier Inn” a collection of three tracks. Opening with "Closer," the EP establishes an upbeat atmosphere with lively percussion, resonant basslines, and looping guitar melodies. The transition to a full band setting seamlessly amplifies the depth of Shane's musical expression. Notably, "Ghost" retains its unconventional instrumental arrangement, maintaining the emotional grip of its relatable narrative centred around self-doubt and heartbreak-induced anger. The inclusion of a lingering guitar solo adds a standout moment to the performance.

Concluding the brief EP is a rejuvenated rendition of Shane's spirited rock track, "Drunk." In this live version, the already lively rock elements are dialled up to eleven, delivering a beautifully expressive performance that resonates in the recording. Widely regarded as one of Shane's catchiest tracks, the chorus leaves an indelible impression, ensuring you'll find yourself humming its infectious melody throughout the day. "Live at the Outlier Inn" serves as a timely reaffirmation of Shane Rennison's skill and talent. Accustomed to solo performances, the experience of playing with a band presented a personal challenge for him. It's safe to say he not only rose to the occasion but surpassed expectations with flying colours.

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