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Musical Marmalade: Funks & Sonic Bashes of Joe Lington's 'WTPA'!

The sensational musical maestro Joe Lington repeatedly proves to the audience that he never misses, all with his release, 'WTPA'! An R&B and soul revelation-worthy icon hailing from Cork, Ireland, Joe Lington began his musical career alongside Lisa Gold Gervals as a vocal and piano enthusiast. A path that later progressed with Joe becoming one of the soloists in a gospel choir. This also landed him in the area of music production, leading him to discover the surreal world of R&B and Soul music. Deriving prime inferences from artists like Sisqo, Keith, and Sweat, he conveys his musical tales in French, English, and Cameroonian. With 4 released albums and many iconic singles, let's witness the wrath of Joe Lington!

Joe Lington
Joe Lington

From channelling ripe emotions to moves on the dance floor, Joe Lington's 'WTPA' is one fine musical odyssey that is bound to win your hearts!

A lingo all of us adore, the first WTPA channels the newfound rush of adrenalin with its violin and hip-hop synergy! Shooting two birds with an arrow, this release not only dwells into eroticism but also provides us with a bashing dance number that we didn't know we needed! Enduring the charisma of the magnificent and divine Isabel Jazzy, the synths of this track are nostalgic, like those of the 90s and early 2000s. If any of the listeners adore the early Beyonce they're gonna fall in love with this soft yet banging track!

Then hip-hop peaks at the next track, 'Pinkeen'! A track that reminds us of the iconic Nelly numbers from the early 2000s, this is too refreshing, smooth and almost buttery to the ears. Although about a seductress who has consumed and exploited all the men in her relationship by trapping them into similar patterns, it captures a funkadelic aura of hip-hop. Reminding all of us to let loose a lil', Pinkeen, an abstract word founded by the genius of Joe, this feels like the start of a new era, a profoundly dazzling sound that almost resonates as new and raw to the ears.

Then we arrive at the deep and moving mellow verses of the last track, 'Hypocrisy'! Brimming with the one-sided confession of Joe, this track is a fierce French fire that will immediately lure the like-minded crowd like no other! With almost 34,424 listeners grooving to the mellow,on-point, and pacifying reverie of sound, this conveys depth and clarity, almost being a severe moment of self-reflection. A heart-touching apology that almost melts the hearts of everyone listening to it, this is indeed the perfect end to the short yet authentic melodic journey.

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