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MUFASA RKG's "Cocoa Butta 3" Tests The Topic Of the Eternal Cycle Of Human Relations

MUFASA RKG is an enigmatic Punk Experimental Hip Hop artist who doesn’t conform to conventions and has carved a musical niche of his own hailing from the heart of New England. The band that MUFASA RKG belongs to consists of him and TROUBLE T THE FILED KING, KABOOM, NARDESIGNS, and KING POPZ. They together constitute the Bucket Fresh Studio label camp. All of them happened to meet in Springfield, Mass. TROUBLE T THE FILED KING and MUFASA RKG belong to the supergroup camp, CEREMONIAL MASTERS. They derive their musing from art and graffiti writers. MUFASA RKG has made appearances in various local shows and performed out of the state as well. He has also been featured in the GRIND MODE CYPHER channels. His musical artistry knows no bounds. MUFASA RKG is not just an artist, but a farsighted visionary with limitless potential.

COCOA BUTTA 3’s every note is a part of the eternal cycle of human relationships. Rhythem and rhymes that convey a deeper meaning.

The COCOA BUTTA series consists of COCOA BUTTA 1, COCOA BUTTA 2, and COCOA BUTTA 3. The series is a tell-tale about the cyclic nature of relationships from broken to new and then back to broken with friends and former girlfriends. The song has a semi-preachy undertone beneath the view of MUFASA RKG’s views about how the global culture is breaking Black America down. COCOA BUTTA 3 concerns itself with more soulful experiences. It is a deviation from the general experimental and electro-rap nature of contemporary songs. The album in general and this song in particular has a diverse flow and a unique off-beat, on-beat delivery accompanied by selectively chosen sample loop beats. In a time when the music landscape is filled with trends, MUFASA RKG’s philosophy is “The music is art and I make art music only”. His dedication to creating meaningful and soul-touching music shines bright. He aims to create ‘listener’s music’, art for people with the goal of being heard and received with equal love. COCOA BUTTA 3 taps into the larger experiences of living a soulful life resonating with the listeners on so many levels. It is for sure set to be your new go-to song!

Test the melodies down here-



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