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Mic Check Melancholy: Hip-hop's Poetic Protest Against Toxic Ties with Ozzient's 'The One'

Ozzient returns to the masses with a heart-throbbing collaborative symphony,' The One' that is almost too relatable to gatekeep! An Instagram group chat's creative that came to life through this release, their voices beautifully blend in to form the soulful sound that we hear in this release. Hailing from the city of Illinois, Ozzient is a musical talent and descends from the legendary Guatemalan family. As someone who has always been intrigued and curious by music and its wide-ranging world, Ozzient is equipped with instruments like piano, Tambora, and guitar and can also beatbox. With a mission to raise awareness about sensitive issues, he also aims to help others with a similar goal. Let's give a listen to Ozzient's heartfelt verses!

Cover art of Ozzient's 'The One'
Cover art of Ozzient's 'The One'

A cold, groundbreaking moment of truth, this one talks about how bonds made from the heart turn out to the one stabbing and breaking it, but it's on us to rise above and beyond them.

Combining musical geniuses of LandolsLiving, KiERAN, Zenodro and Øverdrive, 'The One' strikes a chord with all those who've witnessed their friends turn into enemies. This paints heinous but true pictures of how people we once held close to our hearts can go ahead and betray us. This wants to spread the message about the level of toxicity such bonds behold, and how we can maintain a safer and neutral ground in such scenarios by not trusting them and not needing their reasons for leaving. It sounds like a wake-up call for one's brain to rise above their atrocious and cheap behaviours and focus on personal growth.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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