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Merry grooves and hints of Playful Knit-picking in Vincent J. Rigney's 'My Baby Let Me Down Tonight'

Vincent J.Rigney yet again enchants his listeners with the release of another timeless classic,' My Baby Let Me Down Tonight'! Hailing from the steel town of Cory, Northamptonshire, England, Vincent is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who has an outbound love for the sound of blues retro. Having his roots in the industry being a solo artist ever since his open-mic gigs in 1990, Vincent has also collaborated and fronted with other bands in the UK & abroad. With his local BBC introducing show garnering great support, this track is the third tune from the tracklist of his speculated EP,' Songs from The Water Tower and was produced by the glorious Edd Hartwell.

Vincent J. Rigney
Vincent J. Rigney

Ruthlessly blunt in the most magical way possible, the beats on this track would teleport you to a jazz-infused party of the early 70s.

A beautiful love-shredded bliss, this track explores themes of infidelity in the cutest yet the most sarcastically avenging manner possible. Making heads turn, this track is about the enchantress that is Vincent's love interest, and provides a dreamy narrative, catching hold of listeners right into the moment of menace that is pulled into the night. Vincent, who is captivated by the allures of his baby, who just happens to be his one-time date, seamlessly goes on to the beauty of the carefree Marilyn herself and goes on to describe how his extent of love will always be intact despite the ongoing series of events. A surreal portrayal of the situation as though it was happening right in front of our eyes, this track infuses undertones of classic retro rock and instils a sense of reassurance and security that people in love eventually develop with the passage of time.

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