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Melodies of Mending: Pop's Path of Overcoming Heartbreak with Joe Bygraves' 'Healing'

Back with relapsing grounds of faith, Joe Bygraves returns to the masses with an emotion-infused symphony, 'Healing' and here's what you shouldn't miss! A creative singer-songwriter hailing from Bedfordshire, the soulfulness in Joe's tunes comes from his soft guitar verses and captivatingly addictive lyrics, thereby making him a rising talent for the current music scene. As an artist who's performed in multiple significant campaigns and occasions, one namely being the 'Stand As One' anthem from the # WeMakeEvents movement, Joe has been amongst the prominent representatives for the plight of music during the pandemic as well. Let's embrace the beauty of Joe's music in this latest release!

Joe Bygraves
Joe Bygraves

Stuck in a tassel of endless yearning for someone, this is a deep-rooted love ballad that will speak to your soul.

'Healing' is not just a track, it's a journey of coping with the loss of someone you loved because of circumstances. It's a sombre reflection of coping with the trauma from heartbreak day by day and endless thoughts of self-doubt that emerge in the process. This is subliminal and is a piano-infused soft tune that will captivate you within the depths of despair and uncertainty. Purely sophisticated yet a moment of relatability for many, this is overcoming your losses gradually and more maturing, and giving yourself the right amount of time to lament over them. 

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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