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Melodic Mischief: Jazz's Ethereal Expeditions with Roman Angelos's 'Motorbike Journey'

Roman Angelos is back on the musical grind with his marvelous debut release, and this right here is your imagination wrapped in a pocket! Featuring NYC acclaimed guitarist, arranger and composer, this new release is pure authentic, showcasing all-octet in a glance to the masses. Released under the well-regarded name of Music Factory Records, this is also a signal to the artist's forthcoming album 'Tropical Nites'. Get ready to swim in the dreamland of Roman Angelos's sound!

Roman Angelos
Roman Angelos

A single that feels like river-rafting across a valley full of colors, this is pure, beautiful and every second of this release is worth relishing. 

Taking listeners on a mystical and surreal ride, this is colorful, vibrant and everything you would want an instrumental to be. Painting multiple narratives of thrill, uncertainty and adventure, this is the flute-infused delight of emotions and childlike embrace. Delight is splashed all over you and you cannot do anything but dwell in this realm of imagination, where everything and anything is possible. Light-hearted music crusading through your ears making everything into a magical symphony of wonderfully ethereal sound, this is a single you would want to play again and again.

Test this vivacious melody down below -

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