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Melancholy Metropolis: Reflecting on Urban Ruthlessness through Sahara CyberStars's 'Modern Life'

Sahara CyberStars just released their brand new release 'Modern Life' and this would make your soul groove! Also acclaimed with the name 'Sahara', the collaborative comprises the ecstatic Irish Australian duo Trish and Dave Long. With their roots in Dublin, Ireland, the duo currently resides in Stawell. With profoundly rich artistry behind them, the duo aims to embrace authenticity with their sound, reflecting upon thought-provoking emotions with pure delight. Without further ado let's dive into their brand new melody!

Sahara CyberStars
Sahara CyberStars
Capturing the urgency and in-minute attempts to revolutionize the modern world, this jazz reverie is pure bliss to the ears.

'Modern Life' is a contemporary and flavorful attempt at portraying the harsh realities of modern man. Caught in the act of moving along with advancements in technology, this fast-paced life, work-life balance and the urge to chase perfection and for what? This exponential expansion is a never-ending phenomenon now, but no one is stopping to reflect upon where it has gotten us spiritually. Is life life or just a game from the Olympics? you may never know. Sonically extracting this gist from the worldly odds and turning it into the most phenomenal jazz masterpiece, is exactly the apt way to describe this melody. This is lively, sweet and very wholesome and a must-add to your playlist!

Test this reflective melody down below -

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