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Melancholic Mirage: Exploring Alt-Pop's Seductive Sonata through 14 Days' 'In My Dreams'

Smoothly gliding with their neon nectar into the music scene, 14 Days unleashes pure magic with their brand new release,' In My Dreams'. Born in the times of quarantine, the duo comprises the magnificent creatives of Laura and Roby, with Laura on the drums and vocals and Roby on the bass, keys and guitars. Featuring and collaborating with artists worldwide, their sound is extremely authentic and out of the box, and caters to the genres of rock and pop. Although not a live band, the musicians record their parts digitally and upload them on a shared drive. With so much more on their plate for the world to see, let's deep dive into their magnetic new release!

14 Days
14 Days

A pacifying allure of pure romance, this is bound to feed into one's delusion of not wanting to wake up from their dreams.

'In My Dreams' is a sultry smooth moment of peace, love, and lazy yet seductive vocal landscapes that take a flight in the ambers of atmospheric sounds. This in detail is actually about a love-lost dreamer who has imprisoned herself in her dreams as that is the only place where she's able to meet her lover. Exploring a theme of fantasies fueled by one's dreams and how quickly those scenes and setups change, this is purely ethereal and settles into one's skin as an almost luxurious sound. One can hear a fiasco of instruments in this release like soft drums, pianos, violins, trumpets and many more. This is a sonic wildfire that is bound to cast a spell on the listeners.

Test this relaxing melody down below -

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