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Artificial Autonomy: Exploring the Future Frequencies of Energy Whores' 'MACH9NE'

Energy Whores is back on the grind with their brand new banger 'MACH9NE' and this one is one for the saves! With their hard-hitting intensities, Energy Whores is on the rise with their futuristic funks and hypnotic grooves, cherishing the early 200s energy of the one and only WILL. I. AM, but with a complete twist into the experimental obscure. Their artistry is bound to put you off-guard and captivate your attention and curiosity with a click. Presenting a fresh take on hyper-pop and industrial landscapes, let's witness the super sick cross-over of man vs AI in this masterpiece! 

Energy Whores
Energy Whores

A cybernetic symphony drenched in the vibrancy of robotic notions and neon lights, this weirdly wired melody is going to get you hooked.

MACH9NE" is a worldly venture set in the landscapes of an artificial intelligence-driven world, where robots are on the rise, letting humans know that they don't need them anymore. A thought-provoking composition, this feels like a combat between human intelligence versus those who were created by them. Providing a view into the ethical and existential dilemmas that arise from the fusion of man and machine, this combines genre influences from legends like Daft Punk, and conveys a story of a character NRG, a hybrid of human and AI. At last, this is a masterpiece and something that is bound to leave you flabbergasted.

Test this futuristic melody down below -

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