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Lyrical Laments: Embracing the Strings of Serenity with Molly Baker's 'June 28th'

Step into the notions of brewing romance with Molly Baker's debut release 'June 28th' and this is one for the keeps! A versatile new-gen artist with multiple feathers in her cap, Molly can sing, and play guitar and piano. With her last single " One Year" gaining attention and praise on all streaming platforms, she's back with yet another track originally produced by her that is bound to win your hearts! Let's witness the ethereal synths of Molly's brand-new release! 

Molly Baker
Molly Baker

With endless storytelling full of regret, mind-boggling and peak paranoia, this is a pure reflection of Molly's mind and would feel like a work of art.

'June 28th' is a moment of realizing how even something as small as a text can send one back in time. We start this relatable notion with Molly reluctantly sending those same 2 emojis to her ex on his birthday. Wondering how their bond faded away every June 28th, rewinding through their messages, replaying all the voice messages. This is a pure reverie of nostalgia and peak yearning, this is a soul-stirring tune where the protagonist is stuck wondering if there's anything she can undo or replace to get back to ground zero with her beloved. Giving peak Olivia Rodrigo vibes, this feels like a moment of dreading through memories and endless delusion, just to feel something.

Test this heartfelt melody down below -

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