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Stimulating Beats: 'Sometimes' is something off a shelf of critical emotions

Thriving from the blocks of the United States, Los Angeles, Edie Yvonne is an amusing fifteen-year-old teenage indie popstar threading evocative rhythms. She draws inspiration from her own life and paints together with the shades flowing straight from her heart onto the surface of her diary, composing an art piece so bright and relatable, that you won't be able to skip a second! She made her debut into the sonic world a couple of years back with 'With The Light' reflecting on the circumstances of her life at that time, and continued expressing her emotions through music ever since.

Slow and pacing, 'Sometimes' is a symphony that covers all attributes of a perfect indie pop song and connects inexplicably with the audience.

With a smoothly composed aura, Edie Yvonne has created an astounding melody that she says "speaks to her mom and her mother's friends from back in the day." Although the true message behind this track might not be truly known to the audience, we can understand by Edie's vocals that this melody is about finding one's true self and accepting every one of the flaws that you realize in your day-to-day life, and how the feeling of guilt and shame puppets our moves.

Take a sip of this melody down here:

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