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MEAT IN SPACE’s ‘Outta My Head’ Will Make You Go Outta Your Head

This gritty one man rock band hails all the way from California. Meet Shawn Stedman of MEAT IN SPACE. All the elements that you hear in any of his songs, be it the guitar riff, live tape crushed drums or the vocals are created by the man himself. From his teenage years, he’s been playing the guitar and his inspiration dates back to the same spell. Being extremely passionate about the music, the artist claims to stop doing music only under two circumstances- if he dies or ascends into the ninth dimension!

Get your blood rushing through your veins while listening to the Rowdy and crunched single “Outta my Mind”.

Largely created inside a bedroom, the single has a very loose lyrical scheme open to the listener’s interpretation. However the music and delivery clearly gives a very upbeat and radical notion. The incredible electric guitar solos along with the punchy drums gets you charged up and satisfies the inner magnetism towards chaos inside all of us.

Test the melody down here-


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