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Marina's 'Vindictive Bitch': Eloping Romantic Scrutiny with Fire

Breaking away from the alts of the usual flow of romance present today, Marina emerges as an endless moment of savagery and truth in her latest track,' Vindictive Bitch'! Hailing from the lands of Ukraine, the profound singer-songwriter identified her musical calling ever since she was a teenager! Marina, at a quite young age, started singing in choirs and talent shows and even began writing songs. Deriving influences from pop icons like Fletchers, Katy Perry and Emyln to name a few, Marina's musicality is purely pop with an Alt-Z vibe to it. Conveying emotionally-moving messages through her melodies, presenting Marina in 'Vindictive Bitch'!


Setting ablaze with fierceness and fury, Marina breaks the shackles of settlement and vouches with a beaming sense of confidence in this track.

In this generation, loving is rightfully the most addictive sin and the dark trap anyone could fall into!'Vindictive Bitch', a track about branching out of toxicity, is an intense pop moment of powerfully strangling out of the reds of a person and a relationship. Marina describes how people endlessly fall into the traps of gaslighting, miscommunication, emotional unavailability and narcissism unknowingly for the sake of love. This expresses the raw emotional tension of being associated with someone whom we let in purposely, but they tend to cling onto our later-on trajectory with their deceivable efforts of bare minimums. This conveys the viably unhinged tension and the mental turmoil people go through almost every day by being associated with their faulty partners, she clearly stands on the verge of revenge with her bold and loud persona. She explains how everyone should go beyond extends to protect their inner peace by standing up for themselves when push comes to shove.

Test this ferocious melody down below -

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