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Majestic Mayhem: Poetic Alt Rock Voyage Through Human Strife with Conflict Choir's 'Strange Game'

Conflict Choir arrive at the music scene with their brand new tune compilation 'Strange Game' and this right here will speak to your soul! A majestic duo comprising of Ali Clinton on the guitar and vocals and Jack Bowles on the drums and percussion, the UK-based alternative rock commemorative wishes to embark listeners on a journey of finding themselves. After gaining massive praise from magazines like Planet Rock, LA Rock and BBC Introducing to name a few, the critically regarded duo recorded this creative powerhouse in a dark garage in Worcestershire with the help of Greg Chandler and Thomas Atlas. Drawing inspiration from legends like Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley and Steven Wilson, their music feels like a cocktail of musical goodness. To tackle mental issues, specifically society's ongoing struggles with technology, their sound is vivid, dark, rich, and has a profound texture of its own.

Conflict Choir
Conflict Choir

A moment of infusing radiance into the blues, these tales of poetic commentary are meticulously crafted dark and abysmal dreams one wouldn't want to wake up from.

We break into the dystopian array of this album with the title track 'Strange Game'. This sounds super ethereal, vivid and authentic. As if heaven's calling you, this mellow guitar melody also allows a little suspense and thrill as it slows down. 'What Are You Doing It For' is yet another track where we stand on a pedestal with an array of questions. With is infused with dilemma, until the heavy electrical guitar takes over. This sounds like a track 'Nirvana' would make back in the day.

The next track 'Don't Let Me Down' completely shapeshifts the mood of the album, infusing even more agony and despair. This creates a massive amount of tension and feels like a long-lost message that is surfaced loud and clear just to be heard again. 'I Feel Fine' is yet another intensified hypocritical remark over the state of mind one would convey after going through immense turmoil. This feels like the personification of the phrase 'Calm in Chaos' and carries a heavenly essence of surrealism to it.

Nostalgia in rock takes over with 'Take It As It Comes'. This instrumental reverie is almost a very groovy, bass-driven rollercoaster ride that carries its funk, unlike the other tracks on the album. 'Only One' feels like a metaphor for alienation in the best way possible. This acts as a catalyst for healing, and expresses an endless yearning, trying to convince the other person that they're the only one. Passionate yet obsessive, this is the epitome of romantic desire that will set you free.

A higher-pitched version of the previous track, 'Psychowarfare' is a result of molding the previous track, trying to help the masses come out of the delusions the previous track set for them. This adds a cinematic rock flare to the signature hymn of 'Only One'. 'Will We Wake Up' sounds like you're next euphoric sonic getaway is too mesmerizing to listen to. This also creates a lot of questions and allows you to think for multiple dimensions.

'Wake Up' feels like a saturated euphoric avalanche where we experience the intensity of the emotion ' Will We Wake Up'. 'The Real Thing' on the contrary feels like an analogue awakening into the real world, where one finally rises beyond their delusions and takes a stance on the ongoings of reality.

Last but not least, 'Algorithm' is a place of confinement, where one has finally settled into the shackles of reality. This is almost tender, and a moment of self-realization for when you're on your own. A gentle reminder to go with the flow, this is a delight to the ears. 'Till The End' feels like a perfect end to this rock damnation, where one has made peace with reality, and is taking moments to reflect on their life. Overall, this isn't just an album but an experience.

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