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Lyrical Enchantment and Sonic Splendor: Matt Warren's Musical Mosaic

Matt Warren
Matt Warren

With a creative blend of inspiration drawn from legendary bands like Fountains Of Wayne, Weezer, The Beatles, and the unique sound of Jellyfish, Matt Warren has emerged as a captivating singer-songwriter in the world of music. His first solo album, 'Because We All Want To Escape,' released in July 2020, paves the way for an entrancing listening experience. The subsequent album, ‘Waited a Little Too Long,’ finds its way to the audience in February 2023. This album harkens back to Matt's distinctive 'power pop' roots, enveloping listeners in a delightful concoction of catchy hooks, heartwarming ballads, and an unmistakable nod to the electrifying spirit of 80s rock. Matt’s musical journey continues with his third album, ‘Excited to Die,’ set for release on November 1st, 2023. His passion for performing and writing transcends genres as he masterfully weaves sonic tapestries that engage his audiences from start to finish.

Delving deep into the very fabric of society, this stirring anthem draws its boundless energy from a central theme: the conspiracy theories and whispers that pervade our world – surreptitiously captivating every rule-abiding citizen.

Experience an exhilarating rock symphony that captures your heart and soul, with Matt's cleverly crafted lyrical prowess weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. "Flight in the End" is not just an ordinary rock-infused reverie; it encapsulates the essence of the 'do or die' spirit like no other. Explosively powered by an irresistible hook, this masterpiece is a taste of Matt's eagerly awaited musical collection, set to burst onto the scene in November. Though we may feel as though we're gliding skyward upon these ethereal gusts of illusion, they are, in fact, the driving force behind our ultimate descent. Enraptured within a creative maelstrom, this gripping saga delivers a musically rich journey that leaves you craving more.

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