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Luminous Love Beats: Disco Dream Reimagined with Dr. Drawsound's 'Universal Love'

Dive into the stellar notions of Dr Drawsound's magical debut tune compilation,' Universal Love'! A French music producer and songwriter hailing from Marseille, France, who records and arranges musical magic in the comfort of his home studio. With his artistry being mostly reminiscent of the classics without any samples or loops and comprising genres like pop, dance, Latin pop, pop rock, folk, reggae, jazz, blues, soul and many more, he is emerging into the music scene as an exquisite artistic figure that we oh so highly need!

Dr. Drawsound
Dr. Drawsound

Estatic dream notions that will infuse you with nothing but a doze of pure and levitating serotonin, this is full of a romantic spirit of the 2010s that will remain omnipresent in our hearts.

We dive into the album with the neon gaze of the breakthrough melody,' Stellar Pulse'. Very cosmic, full of light-hearted soundscapes similar to that of the prominent The Weekend, this feels like the beginning of a brewing romance. 'Electric Heartbeat; on the contrary, is a soft galactic sound that feels electrifyingly rejuvenating to hear. Forming a connection with the masses., this is the epitome of love-felt electricity. 

The album takes a 360-degree turn with 'Amor De Verano'. Very groovy, full of heat and an ace for disco and dance floor, this feels very reminiscent of tropical synths and is a very amped-up dance number you wouldn't want to miss out on! Next up, 'In My House' is almost a dream come true with the ethereal and enticing vocals of Gariels Flores, sounding so much like the typical JLo and the legendary Nelly Furtado. 

The 'Girl in a Hurry' is also packed up with flighting neon notions of relapsing sound that is too addictive to just listen to once.' Blue' is certainly a sound all of us can recognize with just a single listen, but this right here is the perfect twist to your traditional melody. A jam we all wish existed before, is finally here to rock the charts! 

Then we arrive at 'Music-Dr. Mix, which again is an encounter with the cosmic chaos that goes into romance, building up the intensity. 'U(Univeral Love) - Dr Mix' is another heartfelt melody that would even make the cupid dance, as this carries forward the typical nostalgic EDM sound.

'Little Girl', again a mix by Dr Drawsound, is comparatively less on the grooves and more on the messages it wishes to convey, about protecting the heart of a little girl, wishing to return to her. 'Deadline' arrives with the classic funks of EDM and carries a robotic energy. If the audience enjoys numbers by the iconic Daft Punk, they'll love this infectious melody. 

'No Gravity' is yet another sweet and levitating pop number for you that is very pacifying and would feel like a magnetic cosmic reverie that feels and sounds like a dream come true. Ending gentle on the ears, this is a flight of pure emotions that would make you surrender to the depths of real love. Overall, I enjoyed the soothing notions of the album and would highly recommend giving it a listen! 

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