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Luminous Healing: Glowing Tranquility of Emily Magner Hurley's 'Orainn'

Back with her divine celestial echoes, Emily Magner Hurley returns to the music scene with her brand new tune compilation, 'Orainn'! Becoming a voice for the mellow hearts who are strong-knit of motives yet fumble with words, an Irish secondary-school music teacher and a stuttering advocate Emily Magner Hurley vouches for peace with her music that focuses on the cause of mental health and well-being. Leading world-recognised campaigns like SAMWI, Emily has also held the position of an education officer at the Association of Irish Choirs Administration( now known as Sing Ireland). Her music is a beautiful amalgamation of acapella, classical styles and jazz fusion. This recent work of art, focusing on the mindfulness and spirituality music can bring through, is purely intentional.

Emily Magner Hurley
Emily Magner Hurley

Unwinding in the chaotic ventures of today's world, the havens of Emily's music seem to shine a pure sense of halo upon the shrines of humanity like no other.

The album is an enormous display of nothing but pure heavenly affection and adoration towards the raw music, as presented in the Irish music books. As a secondary music teacher, Emily tries to culminate a sense of nativity and belongingness through this surreal sonicsphere, that seems to echo and sense a pure rush of serotonin down the spine of listeners. No matter which track you listen to, their essence is pacifying and uplifting, thereby trying to cling to the roots of true music and its depth, which simply goes beyond an average musician's understanding. Hailing the souls of the supporters of the campaign Emily has been leading, one of the tracks of the album has also made it into the Oval Office of the United States, where even President Joe Biden has also flourished with utmost stutter. SAMWI campaign is a movement beyond the bounds of generosity that Emily's music has catered to, and 'Bhríd Óg Ní Mháille' is a noteworthy track amongst many.

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