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Luke Tangerine's 'Midlife Crisis Again': Tansfixing Our Minds into a Galactic Dreamscape

Back with his surreal mindscapes, Luke Tangerine yet again surprises the listeners with the release of his latest single,'Midlife Crisis Again'! Originating from Frankfurt, Germany, Luke Tangerine is a multi-facet composer, musician and producer who resorts to the quote,'escaping the ordinary'. Although his music is akin to the iconic 80's vibes of synth and new wave, he tries to re-plaster each and every node of hi tracks by infusing an undying spirit of cinema and rock into them, making those tracks a dremscape known as 'Epic Synthwave'. A track that is also a part of his speculated LP Album,'Abandoned Cyberworld'that is set to release on 2024, this is nostalgic ride and a testament to Luke's out-of-the-world producer skills. Experience and set yourself free, the funks and eloquent blues of the epic Luke Tangerine via 'Midlife Crisis Again'.

Cover Art of Luke Tangerine's 'Midlife Crisis Again'
Cover Art of Luke Tangerine's 'Midlife Crisis Again'

A track pinpointing the inevitable yet concluding to be a vivacious point of escape from it all, this isn't a track but a moment of musical oasis.

Dwelling deep into the sonic metronomes and synthesizers of the 1980s, this feels like a thrilling sci-fi dream. This track rightfully excels in potraying the notions of mystique,illusions, energetic and etheral all with a symphony that seems to grope our senses of disbelief all in the confines of a track. This track is an ode to Luke's personal feelings and motives, making it almost likely for the listeners to elope into a side of his mind and the emotions he goes through via this track. It also synthetically alters the pre-conceived notions of reality and dreams, masterfully disintegrating its listeners from the trap of reality, thereby transporting them into a bewitching musical space.

Test this surreal melody down below -

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