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Love Ghost depict a desperate refusal from genuflecting to a monotonous system of living in Payback

Love Ghost
Love Ghost

Formed by their frontman Finnegan Bell way back when he was in eighth grade, Love Ghost have developed over the years a reputation for not only creating a sound which provides personal and creatively fuelled nuanced approaches to rock music, mostly combining it with the elements of hip-hop, but have also created a space where they speak about mental issues in an unhinged manner.

Their journey continues, as new tracks with promising collaborations make their way to the scene with increasing number of people who have been moved by their music.

"Love Ghost and Skold do a tremendous job at channeling the human condition and troubles within the inner-self with full transparency in their new single Payback"

In 'Payback', Love Ghost collaborate with the veteran musician Skold, as cited by Finnegan as an early influence in his career, he felt overjoyed upon finishing this piece with him. The track opens with a hint of neuroticism as the shifting and bending guitar riff drives us towards the verses. The production is something to be really admired on this one as not only does it create room for Skold to shine with his lyrics, touching on heavy subjects like existential dread and a longing for somehow getting out of this painful system that stops us from living blissfully, but it manages to paint flashy images in our minds. The compressed and brash treatment to the vocals gives this song more of a personal (relatable if you will) feel to it.

If you're on the lookout for looking deeper into yourself or in pursuit of finding some work of art that channels your inner-self with full transparency, then definitely give this one a listen. Fans of artists like Lil peep, King Krule, Nirvana and Alice in Chains will definitely find something valuable hidden in this track.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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