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Love and Heartbreak: 'Everything' is a story and its end

Transforming mere sounds into a musical story, Myah is an alt-pop artist based in South Florida. Her debut single 'Hide', and follow-up single 'Everything', both make it clear how important storytelling is for the artist and how it is the key element to her productions. Myah realized her love for music at a very young age and hasn't given up ever since. Brewing and blending alternative rock, pop, and pop-punk melodies into compelling tapestries of emotions, her music shows promise.

A ride through the ending of a love story, 'Everything' is heartfelt and relatable, all bound together with an enchanting rhythm.

Starting with a comforting yet intriguing strum of guitar, the track continues, and a rocky cadence of drums tunes in to complement the sentiments of the lyrics. 'Everything' is a soft pop/indie ballad that dives into the idea of yearning for clarity from someone you love who was supposed to be everything. Playing with the sentiments of desire and aspiration, the artist has sculpted yet another extraordinary record.

Test this amazing melody down here:

Discover more melodies like this:



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