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Laila's "strangers at the Airport" is a cascade of harmonious progressions driven by jazzy overtures


Another debutant catapulting into the scene with immense vigour and class, Laila outshines herself and outclasses majority of the female pop artists with great care when it comes to lyrical display and depth in terms of production. Previously having the experience of performing as one half of the duo 'Your Paris', Laila takes a big step in her musical career, collaborating with producer Jon Pike to really make herself stand out in this heavily crowded scene of the pop genre, where originality is found to be rare.

"Strangers at the airport has this stark raving mad creativity put into it which makes it sound dense and carefully crafted, rarely observed in mainstream pop music."

'Strangers at the Airport' is evidently a break-up theme song which promotes the idea of self-discovery and healing oneself from the past instances. If you dig a little deeper, the production choices along with how everything combines with the vocals paints a scene which expands on the aforementioned themes. Laila talks about an instance which sent a shudder through her spine, when she saw her ex sitting at the airport casually reading a book, blending in so well with the environment that he just seemed to look like another stranger, at the airport. It was after all an important thing to happen in her life as it gave her some appreciation for herself along with a drive to move on and take steps into finding inner peace and happiness.

With a brilliant jazz sample appearing from time to time along with Laila's clean and timeless voice screams utmost potential and promise for whatever is coming next in Laila's discography.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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