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Labyrinthine Laments: Prog Rock's Reflections on the Psyche Society with Francesco and The Black Swans' 'You have to hold on'

Francesco and the Black Swans is back on the grind with their brand new sonic uprising of 'You Have To Hold On'! Emerging as a collaborative infuriated against the human carnival, they use their artistic intellect to navigate through the different themes of life. With the group comprising of Eric Lebailly, Indira Saray, Harry Waters and Francesco Buono, their style of music explicitly falls into the range od alternative, psychedelic and progessive rock, with narratives that will definitely make leave an impressive mark on your mind. Let's witness the pacifying alt realities of thier brand new release!

Francesco and The Black Swans
Francesco and The Black Swans

With the concept of social neurosis being the heart of this lyrics, this paints a haunting picture of how socially knitted yet devastatingly distinct we are in today's day and age.

A release that talks about the distorted notions of one's psyche, this talks about how in life, you might only get certain opportunities only once, so you have to hold on to what you are granted. Capturing a nihilating yet brutally honest essence of the world around us as an observer, this lets us know how this world is nothing but tremendous amounts of comprises. With poignant, relfective and deep lyrical notions this oughts to stand above and beyond the paradoxes of time and space that hold us down. A perfect track that one can listen to and liberate, this feels like a testamont of pure comfort. It's definitely something you'd want to get back to.

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