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Kurt Gott's 'I Miss the Nightlife' - A surreal twist to soul Country

Kurt Gott
Kurt Gott

Let's flow into the soul sounds of the country through Kurt Gott's brand new single ' I Miss the Nighlife'! A singer/songwriter and an independent recording artist hailing from Massachusetts, Kurt Gott now resides in South Florida and is a full-time musician. Often held parallel to artists like Don Henley and Paul McCartney by many of his knowns, Kurt's music is best described as a blend of country and blues. Deriving his soul inferences from artists like the Beatles, Eagles, Tom Petty, Crosby Still & Nash, his main instrument is the guitar but he also has his way around piano and blues harmonica. Now at the age of 52, he has released one full album, two new singles and plays around 4 to 5 shows a week.

With its lyrics drowning in blues along with the playful tunes of country, 'I Miss the Nightlife' has an unmatched vibe to it that just catches hold of its listener's minds.

The song 'I Miss the Nightlife' is about reflecting back on his life, Kurt's younger days and reminiscing about the great times he shared together with his friends. going out on the town, partying and coming home late at night. In particular, this is about spending those nights with his girlfriend who eventually became his wife.

'This is a solo project but I was happy to get my long-time musician friends and music collaborators to play on this recording. Cary Scope plays drums and bass guitar, Rob Blaney plays banjo and Hammond organ. I played acoustic guitar, piano, and electric guitar rhythm and leads and sang lead vocals and all backing vocals. I believe this to be one of the best songs I've ever written and I feel like everyone can relate to a song like this. I think it will be a great follow-up to my award-winning song "Wine From a Dixie Cup" and I have high hopes of winning again with this single. ' says Kurt. If you want to hold on to the emotion of nostalgia, then this can just be your go-to song.

Test the melody down here -



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