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Kelsie Kimberline's Turn Back is a song with a mission and real impact on society

Acclaimed American-Ukrainian musician and singer, Kelsie Kimberline has millions of views, plays, streams, radio plays and positive reviews under his cap. Kelsie always had a natural flair for music. From an early age, she used to sing in choirs, participate in Yoko Ono’s Peace Project, and spend a lot of her time working on originals in music studios. Her music is a blend of accessibility and social themes.

Kelsie Kemberlin
Listening to Turn Back feels like a gentle nudge into reality. A song for calling back the ones who left, Kelsie is really an artist with a mission.

“Turn Back” is the third song in Kelsie’s trilogy of songs and videos that throw light on the war going on in Ukraine and garner the world’s attention in August 2023. “Turn Back” is a song that you can interpret as you like it. For some, the song is a cry to a dear one to make them recognize the abundance of home. For others, it is an expression of the Ukrainian suffering. The slow almost-hymnlike progression adds to its appeal. Overarchingly, “Turn Back” personifies the collective global sentiments of love and loss.

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