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Jojo Engelbert’s “Not A Real Blond” Echoes In Every Teenage Heart In Love

Being surrounded by gifted siblings leaves you with two choices: either to turn your back on the spotlight or embrace it. Jojo Engelbert is one of the brave teenagers who chose the latter. While all her elder siblings became Daytime-Emmy nominated stars of entertainment shows like “Steal the Show” and “Ariel&Joey & Eli Too”, this 16-year-old actor & singer carved a totally different niche for herself: punk-pop music artist. Through her art, she delves into the grey areas of teenage, relationships and life itself. Being exposed to unhinged musical sensations like Lana Del Ray, Marina, and Avril Lavigne, Jojo traversed her own path instead of following their footprints yet still maintaining her allegiance to their influence in her music. This is the source of relativity in her music. She has delivered hit songs like “Grown Up” and “Sweet n Sour” in collaboration with her gifted siblings. In these Jojo Engelbert talks about the incognito aspects of teenage: the existential angst, the reformative experience of identity formation, and the emotional tumult of advancing years. She is all set to take the world by storm as she is continuously producing electrifying youth-centric music and we for sure can expect more amazing music from this youth icon!

jojo artist
Teenage love is beautiful but its tumultuous. Jojo expresses her delima by saying, "How do I trust if he’s a real blond?"

“Not A Real Blond” is Jojo Engelbert’s latest single where she explores the jitters of teenage infatuation in her signature punk-pop style. Initially proposed by her elder sister, this song had Jojo’s instant approval because of the captivating and catchy hook, engaging lyrics, and vocal range that resonates with her artistic aspirations perfectly. The track has the rawness of the 90s grunge giving the song its nostalgic feel clubbed with the rebellious spirit of a teenager. The song talks about Jojo’s experience of falling for a boy with fake blond hair. Her vocal range echoes her emotional state while she ponders over the question of whether this guy is trustworthy or not. The song has the distinct flavor of Jojo’s young, naïve yet seasoned insight into the state of her contemporaries’ hearts and her impressive songwriting skills. “Not A Real Blond” is truly a breath of fresh air!

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