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Jen Lush's 'Icon - song 1' is an artistic masterpiece.

Jen Lush
Jen Lush

Jen Lush's 'Icon - song 1' from her forthcoming album ‘Hum of the Mettle,’ is a very creative folk pop that unfolds the genius in her. Jen Lush is a singer-songwriter from Adelaide, Australia who's known for her dynamic music & heartfelt vocals that could shatter your heart. Jen Lush is not only a songwriter, she's also a great storyteller. Her songs are poetic enough to seduce your soul. The likes of Feist, Iron & Wine and Anais Mitchell are some of her influences. 'Icon - song 1' is adapted from a poem scribbled by Maria Zajkowski, who's a renowned poet & lyricist from Melbourne, Australia. 'Icon - song 1' is about the emotional journey of losing a close one.

It is fairly evident from Jen Lush's voice that creating an artistic track requires skilled art.

Jen Lush creates her soulful world of music with blending, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, drums, and celestial keyboards. The guitars outline an ethereal soundscape; it's captivating. I love the raw sound of the guitar when switched between chords. All the other instruments played; are crisp & they sound polished. The vocals of Jen Lush are magical. It requires a great level of vocal skill to justify such artistically & endearing poem/lyrics, written by Maria Zajkowski. The lyrics are an excerpt from her most recent book of poetry, 'Icon.' Of this book she writes, “My father; Eugienuisz Zajkowski, had a hard, miraculous and normal life. He never intended to be an icon. This collection preserves some of what I lost to his Alzheimer’s. And then, what I lost when he died.” The statement itself speaks a lot about the fragrance of the track. Lush's band include Sam Cagney on acoustic guitar, Mark Seddon on bass guitar, Paul Angas on drums/percussion/keys, and James Brown on electric guitar.

‘Icon – Song 1’ by Jen Lush is an artistic blend between folk-pop and emotive storytelling. The melancholic essence of the track has fragrance of agony but handled very delicately by Jen Lush. I'm excited & curious for her upcoming album “Hum of The Mettle."



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