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Indie's Whirlwind Whispers: Ambient Electronica's Voyage into the Heart of Love through Cate Kileva's 'How You Love'

Back with yet another adorable dreamlike sonic reverie, Cate Kileva returns to the music scene with 'How You Love'. Descending as the ambient electronic alter ego of Australian indie artist Catherine Traicos, Cate is set to mesmerize the masses all over the globe with her second release. This emerges as a magical amalgamation of ambient tones and electronic beats, and promises to transport listeners into a deep, ecstatic and highly emotive dream! Cate is a rising star in the world of ambient indie electric and is renowned for her capability to weave dreamscapes with pure emotion. Pushing boundaries of ordinary through and through, let's dive into the immersive clouds of Cate's sound!

Cate Kileva
Cate Kileva

This is an attempt to lure and hypnotize the masses with a mellow, pacifying melody that makes you escape into multiple dimensions all at once!

'How You Love' feels like a sonic lullaby where Cate romanticizes her love for her partner in a manner that almost feels like a dream. This is pure dreamy, daunting, hypnotic and almost sounds fairy-like. The lyrics of the track talk about how the ways of expressing love that her partner shows her become a mode of serotonin for her. This is not bound by time, as in one minute you'll feel like falling and waking up from a dream, and the other you'll dissolve into the unseen wavelengths that go above and beyond the basic human understanding. Too good to be true, and too unreal, breaking the moulds of conventional music. Exceeding limits and understandings of different genres, with its sweet nostalgic soundscapes, this somewhere falls into the notions of dream pop and soul-pop. If listeners enjoy tracks by Melanie Martinez, they're gonna fall in love with Cate's sound!

Test this dreamy melody down below -

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