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Incorporating the different feels: "You Have A Voice, Use It" by Will Sims is a one-stop album

This alternative rock and pop artist hails all the way from Baltimore. His lyrics are focused on a variety of themes like romance and social issues faced by individuals. Meet Will Sims; he is here with his album, "You Have a Voice, Use It". It is a solid amalgamation of 8 soulfully charged songs that showcase the singer's powerful voice and songwriting skills. His vocal texture reminds us of classic soul singers like Marvin Gaye and Al Green. His passion is what makes him stand out and the way he hits the notes with ease proves his prowess over his vocal chords.

A very vulnerable artist who transmits confidence and authenticity through his lyrics and that is Will. With all the versatile styles and vocal ranges, Will successfully gives a variety of flavours ranging from upbeat bangers to soft and wholesome tunes through his songs.

Will Sims

A range of different energies incarnated into an album. Will's latest release is like a platter of delicacies you can choose from.

Will Sims' album, "You Have A Voice, Use It" deals with imposter syndrome, mental health, and finding the true meaning of life. The album starts with an intense piece, "Lose Control". Here he talks about the ambiguity of existence and his bigger purpose. The heart-throbbing guitars and punchy acoustic drums give you an immersive experience while you listen to the song. His blend of different genres of Rock, Alternative, and Pop influences him to write beautiful ballads with uplifting and energetic tunes. "To Remind You" is the most popular track from the album. It is a jab at someone who couldn't recognize your value and left you at your lowest. This is an announcement and a reminder to them about what they are missing out on.

The album eventually enters into a more mellow vibe with the soundtrack "I Should Never Have Given up on You". Will says "...You were everything I could ever need..." and expresses his grief caused by him giving up on a loved one. You could easily fall in love with this song as it is like a comfort track after you lose someone really close to you. The whole album is like a mini journey. The journey includes anger and resentment towards the state of the world, and regret towards the decisions made by the artist so far.

Now, the tempo picks up and the album closes with a cry for help; "Where Are You Now?". The artist talks about his regret about a certain situation and the melancholy faced on not finding a hand to hold on to or a shoulder to lean on.

To create a better world, and speak about the ongoing injustice, and challenges faced in the living environment, artist, Will Sims encourages listeners and offers hope and empowerment conveying the message that distress only makes us stronger and unity and love are the pathways to a better world.

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